What Is the Fastest Way To Remove Line Breaks in Text?


If you’re involved in typing up documents or have ever copied and pasted sections of text from various websites and PDFs, you may have come across some weird formatting that makes it difficult to read text.

For example, you may have received an email that you tried to copy and paste into another email. However, if it’s formatted poorly, you may end up with random breaks in the text that you have to manually fix yourself. Alternatively, you may have received text that was formatted in a narrow column where the original writer used line breaks at the end of each line to make sure it fit. When you receive text like this, it can be time-consuming and annoying to fix those issues.

What is a Line Break?

A line break is a formatting option that instantly starts text on a new line. If you’ve used any kind of word processing software, then you might know this as simply pressing enter. However, it’s a little different in some cases. For example, websites typically have to distinguish between a new paragraph (called a paragraph break) and a line break. Line breaks will immediately put text on a new line regardless of the circumstances, whereas paragraph breaks will attempt to preserve a block of text.

In addition, some programs may require you to specify between line and page breaks for a variety of other reasons. A great example of this is with PDFs. You may find yourself with poorly-formatted text if you copy from a PDF file that has a unique layout, such as blocks of text on a magazine page or something similar.

Line breaks can be used to great effect in some cases, but at other times, they can be a nuisance because it makes it difficult to copy text.

What’s the Fastest Way to Remove Line Breaks in Text?

One of the fastest ways to remove line breaks in your text is to use Text Mechanic’s text manipulation tools. With the add/remove line break tool, you can easily get rid of line breaks and take advantage of a number of different options. Here are the options:

Remove Line Breaks Only

To do this, simply enter your text in the large input box at the top of the page and click the “REMOVE ALL LINE BREAKS” button. This will automatically remove all line breaks. 

Remove Line Breaks and Replace with Text/Symbol

If you want to replace the line breaks with a certain string of text or symbol, you can do so by entering it into the box on the right. 

Add New Line Breaks

In addition, you can also choose to make new line breaks if you wish to. You can do this by inserting a line break every x number of characters, or you can define a phrase that triggers the line break before or after each occurrence. This is a great way to add line breaks to text for various uses.

How to Add Text to Text Mechanic

For Text Mechanic, you have two options of either copy and pasting text that you want to change into the box or uploading a file. The option of loading a file into the input field instead of just pasting it in is useful if you have a large file.

Use Text Mechanic for All of Your Text Manipulation Needs

Text Mechanic offers simple, single-task, browser-based text manipulation tools that will help you format text and get rid of pesky issues when copy and pasting. It can also help you format text to use in emails or the creation of documents with unique formatting. It can save you a lot of time when you’re working with lots of different documents and it’ll help you speed through any tedious tasks when fixing text-related problems. Check out the full list of text manipulation tools on Text Mechanic today.

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