7 Most Popular Online Text Tools


Online text tools can be used from adjusting formats to replacing words to adding text in articles, reports, instructions, codes or script language. There are many text tools available that can make completing important projects even easier and improve productivity. So let’s talk about what the top 7 text tools are and what they are used for whether in the writing, programming, or any other world. Consider using these tools yourself in the future…

7 Most Commonly Used Online Text Tools

Add Prefix/Suffix into Line

The first text tool we are going to mention is the ability to add prefix/ suffix in bulk. This tool will insert text at the beginning and/or end of each line. For example if you were writing a list of items like pieces of fruit you might want to add the prefix ‘fruit’ into the text of each line so that each item on the list has this before it. You would go from this: 

  • Apple 
  • Banana
  • Orange 

To this: 

  • Fruit apple 
  • Fruit banana 
  • Fruit orange 

Why is this useful? This text tool is very useful especially for programmers that need to add prefix and suffix texts throughout their codes. They are able to add text in bulk without having to go line by line and manually add them in. This saves a lot of time. Additionally, manually adding text is more error prone then using a reliable text tool as you are more likely to accidentally skip a line. When it comes to programming or writing script language, coding has to be perfect. If not, the code won’t work. 

Add/Remove Line Breaks

The second text tool is adding or removing line breaks from your text. If paragraphs are too spaced out, removing line breaks in certain areas can make the paragraphs easier to read. On the other hand, many people are put off when they see a huge paragraph of text so by using this text tool you will be able to break it up and make it look better and flow in a more sensible way. 

When is this tool helpful? When you copy text from a PDF, email, social media post or another source, the formatting can be distorted with strange line breaks and spacing. Therefore, this tool can be very helpful in removing any unnecessary line breaks to create text easy to read. 

Count Characters, Words, Lines

This text tool scans, tracks and counts all words, characters and lines. Keep in mind, character count includes white spaces unless you specify otherwise. While word count does not count white space but uses white space to determine when a word starts or ends. Lastly, this tool counts all the number of lines and line breaks.

Why is this tool helpful? For a copywriter, they may have a specific word count to work towards for a piece of work so being able to keep track of this will help. For an author, they might want to reach a certain word range such as 65,000 – 75,000 words to keep up with the standard of other books in their industry. By keeping track of word count a writer is able to see where they need to add more or less detail. 

Delimited Column Extractor

The next text tool we want to talk about is the delimited column extractor. This tool can split a list by comma, space or any delimiter. When you choose a delimiter and column number, it will grab your chosen column and delete the others. Remember, you can separate any column as long as each column follows the same pattern such as using the same delimiter. For example, the delimited column extractor might see a piece of text that has the following: 

  • Small. Cat. Male 
  • Big. Dog. Female 
  • Small. Rabbit. Female 

If you were to want the second column of text only you would say that ‘.’ Is the delimiter and that you want column 2. This will output this: 

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Rabbit 

How can this tool be helpful? This tool can come in handy if you work with spreadsheets often as it can efficiently unmerge cells and extract information from lists. 

Find and Replace Text

Find and replace online tools will automatically locate one word and switch it for another. Simply, enter “find this” and “replace this” fields and the word will be changed to that word throughout the block of text 

How is this helpful? It’s very useful when you need to edit a large amount of text. Find and replace text can be used to fix a mistake such as a misspelled word. A great example of this would be if you have a long piece of work and have misspelled something like ‘necessary’. You can simply add the text into your find and replace and you will find all instances of this word in the piece and replace it with the correct spelling. 

Remove Duplicate Lines

This online text tool will remove and delete all duplicate lines within your text or list.

When can this tool be helpful? This tool can be especially useful when you have large lists and need to ensure there are no duplicates. For example, you combine several email lists. You can use this tool to search the list and delete any duplicate names or emails.

Line Combination Generator

The line combination generator will produce different combinations for a set of words you input. 

When is this tool useful? This tool can be extremely helpful for programmers who need to find all combinations/permutations of certain data.

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  1. To add to my last comment,

    I use the add suffix /prefix tool for long lists of numbers that I plug into Illustrator text strings for barcodes that can only be read with the font code-39 that has to have an asterisk in the front and at the end. I’m sure you probably know this.

    I just could not figure out a way to make Excel spreadsheet do this.

    Then I found Your site! I was so happy!

    I hope this site will thrive and not go anywhere, because I really need this!

    Thank You again!!!

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