Hey, I’m Mike, the ridiculously handsome (and faceless) guy behind Text Mechanic™.

For over 10 years, Text Mechanic™ has been turning millions of frowns upside down by allowing people to take tons of text and making it how they want it in seconds…for free 🙂

How Text Mechanic™ Was Born

Ever since I stumbled across this little thing called the internet, I’ve been a web developer and part time SEO fanatic.

I’ve worked with companies ranging from Fortune 100, all the way down to startups driven by the aroma of cheap break-room coffee.

Back in 2004 while I was working on a project, I needed to sort out a ridiculously huge 68MB text document and remove all the duplicate lines from it.

I wanted to rip off my own arm and beat myself with it because removing all these duplicate lines wasn’t exactly my idea of fun.

I shuddered nauseously, clicked on Excel, did my thing, and a bazillion minutes later, I had a life again.

At that point I knew that, moving forward, I was either going to have to:

  1. Hire magical elves to do my button mashing for me, or
  2. Create something that didn’t suck.

So instead of going out and having a few beers with my buddies that night, I put my brain to work and popped out a web-based tool where I could just toss in what I needed, chunk what I didn’t, and move on to bigger/better things in a few seconds.

Naturally, one thing led to another, and I started developing more and more tools that I used on a day-to-day basis and began letting some friends use them to do their work as well.

They used (and loved) them so much that they in turn told some of their friends, those friends told their friends, and before I knew it, boom – Text Mechanic™ was born.